Custom Homes

What are you looking for? A traditional home, craftsman style home, cottage, or even a contemporary modern home? We can create a custom design in any style or size to suit any budget or location.

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Additions and Renovations

Just need more space? House additions or renovations could be the answer when you’re running out of space in your current home. You can add more bedrooms, a garage, that dream kitchen or master suite; completely customized to your current or future needs.

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Garages & Decks

Do you need additional storage? If you’ve been searching for some extra space around your house, you’ve come to the right place! A custom garage plan can include designs for everything from car garages, backyard storage, pool houses to pole barns and sheds. We can design that deck you need to add for more entertaining space as well!

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3D Rendering

Can you visualize how it looks? While creating your customized plan, visualizing the design is of utmost importance. 3D rendered images can present the architectural design in a way that will ensure you fully understand. We can create that exterior shot showing the view from the street or an interior view showing how those personalized finishes will look.

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  • Meet & Discuss
  • Preliminary Plans
  • Final Plans
  • Approve & Build

During initial contact we will briefly discuss the project you are planning. From there we will arrange a face to face meeting where we will sit down together and talk about all of your ideas and dreams. You will most likely be prepared with a general design idea, whether it is a floor plan layout or an exterior view that you like. You will likely also have a wish list created with design elements, concepts and things you’d like to see included in your plan. We will converse about it all, so that the end result is Birk’s Drafting Soluitions realizing your vision!

After the face to face meeting, Birk’s Drafting will take all those thoughts and ideas back to the drawing board. A preliminary plan will be drafted that includes floor plan views, elevation views and even 3D views if you desire. That preliminary plan will be emailed to you to mark up and make any changes you wish. After all, this is your dream, not ours! The preliminary process will continue back and forth as many times as required until you are completely satisfied with your drawings.

Once the preliminary drawings have been approved and meet your satisfaction, the drawing process will continue on to a more finalized stage. More detailing and notes will be included so that the plans can become a construction and building permit document set. The final drawings will be sent to you one last time for a final review. At this point you can still make changes in case you’ve had some last minute conversations or thoughts!

The final plans have been reviewed and you’re elated that the design is finally complete and you are one step closer to the best part of the process!! The permit drawing set will be delivered along with the paperwork required for the Building Permit Application. The plans can start to be distributed to contractors, sub contractors and trades for pricing. The dream is finally real! Whether it’s that custom house or that big addition, you’ve made it, and it’s time to put the shovel in the ground and start building! It wasn’t that hard, right!!?