Additions and Renovations

The home you are currently in is in the perfect neighbourhood.  The problem is, the needs of your home have changed.  You’ve decided a renovation is the way to go to allow you to stay where you are and perhaps save some of that hard earned money!

Birk’s Drafting Solutions can help with any type of renovation design to maximize the use of the current space and/or add an addition onto the project to include more space.  We will be careful to make sure the renovation relates to the style and function that you are looking for in the update.

The design process will start with an on-site consultation.  This will help us get the overall feel of the existing space.  From there, we will work with you to explore all the different possibilities for the design, all while considering things like the current site and zoning restrictions, structural obstructions as well as overall function.  We provide the design service right up to the construction blueprints for each project.